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On every visit to the dentist we’re lectured on how to take care of our teeth but it’s not always so often that we’re instructed on eye health or hygiene.  One might think that with regular checkups and a new pair of glasses, everything is solved…

It’s not…  because Vision Care is a lifetime issue.

Actually, prevention and control are the most important parts of tackling myopia problems.  With the risk of blinding diseases associated with nearsightedness, many are anxious to know why our vision seems to grow worse year-by-year and are curious to know what can be done to slow its progression.


Although the film will be broadcast on television and shown in classrooms, the ultimate goal is that it also be presented at venues and events where questions can be answered and up-to-date information on advances in vision science can be disseminated.

Therefore, a key distribution objective is to encourage COMMUNITY screenings and LOCAL SUPPORT groups, creating and building platforms that CONNECT PEOPLE — informing and engaging parents, teachers and healthcare professionals — of what can be done to protect children’s eyesight now and in the future.

Available in 8 LANGUAGES

Originally created in English, LOSING SIGHT will initially be available in 8 languages :  Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.  (More languages can be added as needed.)


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