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Inside the Myopia Epidemic

-its possible Origins and potential Solutions-

“Myopia is not a benign vision condition… it’s ticking time bomb for public health worldwide.”

Filming in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America, award-winning filmmaker Jane Weiner is creating a multi-platform documentary project.

This comprehensive socio-scientific investigation, explores the whys and wherefores of what caused the burgeoning public health crisis while examining potential solutions that could stem-the-tide of a ballooning Myopia Epidemic, which threatens serious vision loss or total blindness for millions of people, young and old.

Working closely with Vision Scientists, she interweaves their observations with testimonials of individuals living with progressive myopia, giving voice and firsthand witness to the real-life challenges on both sides of the conundrum.

Produced in 9 languages for international cinema and television distribution, there will also be customized shorter versions designed for web-streaming, community screening/discussion groups, and classrooms, as well as an audiobook/podcast – all scheduled for simultaneous release worldwide.

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